General trading rules

The classifieds is a free to use member to member classifieds part .
Although we will actively moderate this section , is not responsible for any of its contents ,nor for its users/sellers .
Any registered member has acces to it as well as he/she has full rights to place their own militaria advertisements .
Make shure you place your add in the appropriate section , if youre not shure wether a article is original or a repro , then place it in reproductions.

Dont abuse classifieds for commercial spam , dont offer items like washing machines , cars , ipods etc as its not meant for that .
I will ban you for deliberate abuse behave please !!

At the moment theres limited sections..but offcourse can expand it with various subsections if its used more extensively..

Contact any of our mods/admins if you have any questions or use the contact histomil buttons in header or footer ..
Enjoy the service ..its there for you ..histomilians for histomilians :)


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