About the founding of Histomil

Welcome at Histomil


Histomil was founded in May 2010 as a Dutch-Bavarian-Chinese cooperational project of historical enthousiasts and militaria collectors.

The original concept was born with Kruska in Shanghai CN and was developed from Amsterdam NL by Heinrich
After the domain was registered in august 2010 the concept shaped itself rapidly into ideas of a more global webforum.
We didn't like the idea to narrow it down to WW2 only so from the start WW1 ,the Interbellum ,the Coldwar and todays conflicts were included too.
So with a lot of help from old friends who became our first moderators we took off .

  • Sniper 1946 from St.Albans UK
  • Kimi from Oldenburg DE
  • C.E.Evans from Corpus Christi USA
  • TA152 from Bastrop TX USA
  • Pershing from Brunei

After a short test run we went live online on our own Histomil domain.
Today our core mods team has grown further and is extended to :

  • Erich and J.C.Falkenberg in Oregon USA
  • Landyluvver from Benoni South Afica
  • Gebirgsjager from Bavaria Germany
  • Dazzerjeep from Southhampton UK
  • Pescador from Amsterdam NL
  • Baida from Mariupol Ukraine
  • MAX3 from Lancashire UK
  • sunny971 from Windsor Canada
  • Stegger from Vilnius Lithuania

Time has proven the concept works well.
Besides some usual bans for bad commercial SEO spamming attempts we never had to ban any member for 'misbehaving' yet .
Our basic interest lies roughly in the modern 20th century military history .
But offcourse you're welcome to start posting more general history articles from the Neolithics up to todays news too.
When members like to post about more classic'' history please look into 'All classic history - pre 1900's'wich can be extended on request.
Just ask a 'Admin' by PM or use the 'contact'form to have a new map created for you if theres no category for your specific subject there yet.

Histomil is free ,but due to SEO commercial spammers we do require you to register first ,there's no guest posting mode,sorry .
Make shure you use a valid email adress for after you register the board will directly send you a confirmation email.
After you click the confirmation link in the mail your account will be activated by the system fully automatic.
If after 5 minutes you havent received any mail back from us it might be in your inbox spamfilter.
Rather not make use of a gmail account as those are spam-only mostly.

It can happen that your provider is blocking whole IPnumber ranges from Europe...some ISPs seem to do this as a crude 'antispam' measure.
If this is the case please use the little 'contact' button on our header and leave us a message .
The main language on the board is offcourse English .
Using internet translation programs if English is not your native language isnt at all frowned upon.

If you liked an article please click on the Google plus one button or write us a review on Alexa.com to help us rank better.
Our advice would be to use our Histomil easybar , a custom made toolbar making it very easy to connect to our most important landing pages from anywhere on the net.
You'll find a link in the footer on every page or click this button:

Do feel free to join in to contribute too and help us grow some further.

Enjoy your stay with us ..

We promise you to do the following:

  • Provide you daily with new content .
  • Provide you a friendly atmosphere to hang round in .
  • Provide you with a platform that's open for discussions about all ideologies !
  • Keep the forae free from all unwanted commercial SEO spam!

Thank you for reading - The Histomil staff team.