Average Continental Line infantry unit strengths various years during the war.

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Average Continental Line infantry unit strengths various years during the war.


Post by The Ringo Kid » Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:25 pm

May-June 1777-one company of the Continental Army-unit strength.

3 Officers-usually 1 Captain, one 1st and one 2nd Lieutenants) 3 Sergeants, 2 Corporals 1 Fifer, 1 Drummer and from 25 to about 60 men. :yikes:

The 5 Companies of Offendorff's Corps circa 1777.

Offendorff's Company.
Captain Offendorff, Lt Bedkin, Fife-Thompson, Drummer-John Schuh and 58 Privates.

Captain Dreisbach's Company.
Captain Dreisbach, 1st Lt. Conrad Latur, 2nd Lt. Jacob Glacton, Sgts: Henry Betz, Daniel Woible and 25 Privates.

Captain Anthony Selin's Company.
Captain Selin. Lts: Lawrence Meyers, Christian Froelich. Sgts: Henry Bartholomew, John Blum, Valentine Keyser, Henry Seiders. Cpls: George Marks, John Waltz. Drummers: John Shuh, William Marks. Fifer: John Thompson. 39 privates.

Captain Schott's Company.
Captain Schott, 1st Lieutenant Christian Mancke, 2nd Lieutenant George Shaffer. 4 Sgts, 4 Cpls, 31 Privates.

Captain Bauer's Company:
Captain Bauer, one 1st lt, one 2nd Lt, 2 Sgts, 2 Cpls, Drummer and 15 Privates.

In 1780, Captain Schotts Company numbered: Schott, and one 1st, 2nd Lieutenants, 1 Sgt and 8 Privates. :thinking
Captain Selin's Company numbered: Selin, 6 Sgts, 2 Cpls 1 Drummer and 1 Private. :yikes:

Soldiers associated with Moses Hazen's 2nd Canadian Rgmt: Maj Hazen, and 124 men. Of these-rank break-down below:
1 Major--Major Moses Hazen, one Captain, 6 Lts, 9 Sgts, 4 Cpls, and 115 men.
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